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BOOK LAUNCH Anthony M Maher

You are invited to join Fr Frank Brennan sj and Bishop Stephen Pickard in the Chapel at the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture on Tuesday 11 September at 6:00pm for for the launch of Anthony M Maher's books:

The Forgotten Jesuit of Catholic Modernism, (2018) 
This book illustrates how George Tyrrell's theological challenge to those who would take the church out of history was never effectively refuted, either at the time or since, and that the issues Tyrrell raised are still relevant and alive in the church today. In highlighting Tyrrell's liberation of theology from dogmatism, the current work describes why he was vilified by the Roman hierarchy, expelled from the Jesuits, and eventually excommunicated. Tyrrell's Ignatian-inspired, hope-filled theology should not be forgotten, not least because it sheds further light on another courageous and prophetic Jesuit, Pope Francis. In revisiting Tyrrell's Ignatian theology, this book celebrates the promise that Vatican II presents to the future church, namely, a universal call to holiness as embraced by Pope Francis.

Faith & the Political in the Post-Secular Age (2018)
An ecumenical work, the authors challenge the current polarising rise of aggressive atheism and closed-truth fundamentalisms, both religious and economic. The work is mindful that a Gospel inspired prophetic voice seeks to persuade rather than coerce, to strike a balance between individual autonomy and the protection of the common good. Appealing to those of faith and none, written by leading scholars, yet in a conversational style that is accessible to the modern reader, the book opposes the growing cultural dominance of 'fake news' and advocates for rigorous 'truth-seeking'.

Contributors: Anthony Maher, Elaine Graham, Bob Dixon, Andrew Cameron, John Warhurst, Terry Veiling, Brendan Long, Frank Brennan

Anthony M Maher is a Research Fellow of the Centre for Public and Contextual Theology (PACT) at Charles Sturt University, Australia. He is the series editor of two ongoing projects, Explorations in Practical Theology, and Educating Hearts - Ignatian Characteristics of Education.